Our cloth masks are comfortable, effective, and can support up to 12 color printing. Handcrafted with sustainable raw materials, available in two unique styles and three different fabric options, thebrandedmask is trusted by many of the world’s most recognizable companies.

thebrandedmask™ v2

with adjustable ear straps and nose bridge

The product of innovation. v2 was designed for one of the largest delivery and logistics companies in the world. Featuring a nose bridge and adjustable ear straps, v2 is the solution for those on the move.

Our breathable masks are designed to fit snugly and comfortably, ensuring one size fits all.

Machine Washable

Retain bright and vibrant colors even after washing up to 20 times.


Our soft cotton fabric ensures and enjoyable experience for all

Antimicrobial Fabric Options

All of our fabric options are antimicrobial and safe for everyday use

Complete Customization

Take advantage of up to 12 color printing and bring your brand to life


Our masks fit snug and comfortably ensuring one size fits all
*child sizes available on request

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